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Audit and Tax Consulting

Our goal in these areas is to assist our clients identify solutions that contribute to the availability of a sound basis of information for decision making, efficient management of assets, and maximization of positive results. We render services to Brazilian and transnational companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Financial Statement Audits

  • Audits with issue of an Audit Opinion
    Comprise the review of financial statements to express an independent professional opinion that reports on the adequacy of the respective financial statements, as well as whether they follow Brazilian and or international accounting standards used to prepare them.
  • Limited Review of Financial Statements
    Intended to verify whether accounting criteria used to prepare financial statements follow accounting standards and practices in force, as well as to review tax procedures and issue a long-form report when an opinion is not required.

Internal and Management Audits

  • Verification and review of the adequacy of company guidelines, procedures, and internal controls in the operating, administrative, financial, accounting, labor, and management information areas, covering operating and financial management as well as risk management.
  • Partial or full outsourcing of internal audits
    Intended to assist clients by providing internal audit professionals to identify and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of existing internal and management controls, taking into account the needs of management and for safekeeping of a company´s assets.

Special Audits

  • Pre-Agreed Procedures
  • Due Diligence
  • Jointly-Owned Property

Tax Planning

These services involve advising company management with respect to legal alternatives in relation to tax avoidance, and which comply with laws in force and are applicable to the operation and or transaction under analysis.

Tax Recovery

Quantification of Tax Debts

Corporate Restructuring

  • Mergers, Break-ups, and Amalgamations

Foreign Investment

  • Registry and filings required by the Brazilian Central Bank

Costing Systems

  • Study and Implementation
    Analysis and implementation of Accounting Cost Systems adequate for your business segment and individual needs with respect to Tax Law and Accounting Standards; thus providing management with an important tool for implementing pricing and decision making.

Appraisal Reports

  • Business Appraisals
    Comprises establishing the market value of a business, including justification of premiums or discounts for assets, liabilities, and operations not regularly recorded in a company´s accounting and which are implemented as part of the sale of a business or transfer of ownership.
  • Asset Appraisals
    Intended to issue a report that attests the totality and exactness of assets, rights, and liabilities, that make up a specific company and which are usually required for mergers, break-ups, or consolidations under Brazilian Corporate Law.

Special Projects

This work involves assisting companies in support areas such as physical inventories, accounting and tax reconciliations, review of secondary obligations at the federal, state, and municipal government levels, review of charts of accounts, review of accounting and tax system parameters, as well as others.

Presentations and Seminars

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