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Digital Audit

Investments in advanced technologies by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service and state and municipal treasuries allows these entities to carry out in-depth and detailed analyses, as well as to cross check information received in relation to various tax and accounting obligations.

Inconsistencies identified by these entities when information is received results in tax notices being generated for a taxpayer. To the surprise of many, tax obligation files are subjected to analyses and validated by official software such as SVA and SINCO, which analyze "Lay Outs" and sums.

Systems currently used by companies to generate secondary obligations (SPED, FCONT, DIPJ, DCTF, etc.) are insufficient to guarantee the soundness of information sent to tax authorities.

The best way to protect your business from fines and tax assessments is to use Electronic Digital Audits on files before they are sent to tax authorities.

Assessor-Bordin has invested in Electronic Digital Audit systems to get out in front of analyses and or audits by tax authorities. Accordingly, we are able to provide specialized services that comprise complete analyses and diagnoses of your company's secondary tax obligations.

We carefully execute our work cross checking digital files from accounting and tax areas; supplying reports with complete details on inconsistencies identified.

Our team is well trained and eager to collaborate with your company.

We are at your disposal to provide any clarification [necessary].

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