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Preparation of Annual Tax Return – Brazilians and Expatriates – 30.04.2014

Change in Tax Status – Communication/ Final Tax Return

Final Estate Tax Return

Brazilian Central Bank Return - 07.04.2014

Services rendered during the fiscal year.

Tax Planning / Accountability

Expert Reports

Accounting Rural Activity

Rural Property Tax Return

Estimated Tax Payments

Equities (Gain / Loss)

Capital Gains

Federal Tax Authority – Inquiries/ Consultations and Meetings

ITCMD – Calculation of State Tax (Transfer of Assets)

Suppemental Assessments

Cross Checking of Information between Individuals and Business Entities

BIG BROTHER – the federal Revenue Service uses this system and accessory tax information filings to cross check information from various soucers. Tax Statements, Forms, and Schedules (DIRF, DIMOF, DECRED, DIMOB, DOI, DMED, CBE).

Red flag that can result in supplemental assessment process

Conspicuous Signs of Wealth

Discreparcies among Sources and Uses of Funds

Declared income Imcompatible with Financial Transations

Unexplaired Changes in Assets, Overseas Assets

Sale and Purchase of Assets,

Large Cash Balances

Donations and Loans,

Supplemental Retirement Plans: VGBL/PGBL

Stock Transations

Expense and Income Analyses

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