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Individual Income Taxes

Brazilian Citizens and Expatriates

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Preparing of income tax returns and consulting for Brazilian citizens and expatriates.

A specialized team serves expatriates. We act as a tax area facilitator between the human resource department and the expatriate.

Our Services

  • Preparing and filing of individual income tax forms and schedules;
  • Review of individual income tax forms;
  • Consultations and/or meetings;
  • Tax planning between the individual and the company;
  • Monthly calculation of estimated taxes on foreign income and for individuals;
  • Calculating of taxes on capital gains (Brazil and abroad);
  • Calculating of monthly taxes on stock purchases and sales;
  • Preparing of annual filing for estates and closings;
  • Preparing of filing for rural land tax;
  • Procedure for leaving Brazil – preparing and filing of temporary or permanent departure from Brazil;
  • Obtaining of tax clearance certificates;
  • Handling of tax notices;
  • Obtaining of tax residence certificates;
  • Obtaining or renewal of Social Security status certificate (Certificado de Deslocamento);
  • Analysis of tax treaties;
  • Calculating of tax equalization;

Central Bank – Statement of Overseas Holdings

Preparing of statement by taxpayers with total foreign holdings that exceed US$100,000.00 as of December 31 of each year for filing with the Central Bank.

Concluding Work

Final meeting to conclude filing process and deliver a kit that includes the following:

  • Statement of origin and uses of funds to assure compatible growth in wealth;
  • Personalized file with copy of final income tax return filed, supporting documentation, digital file on CD, and filing receipt.

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