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The eSocial Managing Committee has extended the term for companies with turnover of up to BRL 78 M to begin the program implementation.

The first phase, which would end today (Aug. 31, 2018), will be extended to September, and the second phase will begin on Oct. 10, 2018.

Companies will therefore have more time to provide initial information and the relevant tables and charts, as defined under Resolution No. 04/2018, of the Executive Board. The measure will benefit approximately three million companies.

1.      Preliminary tables must be uploaded by Sept. 30, 2018;

2.      Information on “non-periodic events” must NOT be uploaded in September 2018. Term has been extended to October 2018.

In turn, companies that are part of the first group (turnover exceeding BRL 78 M) must continue uploading information on all “periodic and non-periodic events” to the eSocial platform.

Source: eSocial Portal

São Paulo, August 31, 2018

Please feel free to contact us should you need further clarification.

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